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Roof Cleaning in South mississippi

A roof provides the primary barrier against weather elements such as rain, snow, hail, and extreme sun. It protects the structural integrity of the building and the safety of its inhabitants. Over time, exposure to moisture, organic debris, and environmental pollutants can lead to algae, moss, and lichen growth. This can cause water damage, energy loss, and even pest infestations.

At Full Service PW, our roof cleaning helps prevent the buildup of heavy moss and debris that can cause stress and damage to your roof structure. We use a low-pressure soft wash system that is safe for all types of roofing materials. We’re not just cleaning roofs but restoring your home’s smile, one shingle at a time.

What to Expect During Roof Cleaning?

When you choose Full Service PW for your roof cleaning needs, you can expect a comprehensive and careful approach, including:

  • Inspection and assessment: We assess the type of roof you have, the extent of the dirt, and any specific issues that need attention. 
  • Custom cleaning plan: This plan considers the roofing material, the degree of cleaning required, and the safest, most effective methods.
  • Preparation: Before cleaning, we take precautions such as covering plants, landscaping, and other vulnerable areas to prevent damage from cleaning agents or runoff.
  • Soft wash cleaning: Our experts apply eco-friendly cleaning solutions at low pressure to remove moss, algae, and grime gently. 
  • Post-cleaning inspection: We perform a final inspection to ensure that your roof is clean and that our work meets high standards.
  • Follow-up: We offer follow-up calls to check if you’re satisfied with the results and to address any questions or concerns.


Topnotch! Michael was very accommodating with scheduling. On time. Communications excellent. He took great care with shrubbery around the house. He did an excellent job cleaning our porches, patio, walkway, and house, including the roof, which had 7 years of crud built up on it. It now looks new. We couldn’t be happier.


Full Service Pressure Washing is highly recommended for anyone needing pressure washing done. Mike did a great job on our house. We were having repairs done outside and Mike worked with us to get the house done when we needed it pressure washed.


Michael’s pressure washing of my home is much, much more than I expected!! The house absolutely sparkles. The back deck and front porch have been beautifully renewed. His price is more than reasonable for the outstanding work! Highly recommend!!

Cathy Johnson

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